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Debono Car Centre

Second-hand Cars in Fgura, Malta

Debono Car Centre

About Debono Car Centre in Fgura, Malta

Debono Car Centre specialises in high-graded UK Imports. A vast range of certified vehicles at fantastic prices, guaranteeing you will receive great value for money.

Debono Car Centre has been running its business since 1993. Throughout these years we’ve built a positive reputation among clients, being renowned for supplying second hand vehicles of best quality, condition and competitively priced. This is the result of the dedication we put in purchasing our stock. Being not just car dealers but also car enthusiasts always on the look out to update our knowledge together with our years of experience, we clearly know what to look for in a vehicle.

We stock all categories of vehicles and we also have an ample selection of boats.This makes sure that at Debono Car Centre you will find the right vehicle for all needs and budgets. All cars are carefully checked and tested by experts in the field before put on sale, you can proof this yourself by requesting a test drive and by consulting your fiduciary motor experts.

Our main aim is customer satisfaction from all aspects mainly including selling a genuine product and offering a reliable customer service. Our theory at Debono Car Centre states that when you buy a car from us, we like to think of it as just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We want to do more than sell you a great quality car, we want you to have a great experience owning it.

At Debono Car Centre, we take the fuss and hassle out of your car shopping by providing fantastic deals in a friendly approach ensuring you will find Your Car Your Way! To make this more possible currently we have the following special offers of which further details can be found in our website.

Contact Debono Car Centre in Fgura, Malta

C: Maria Debono
T: 21895775
M: 79068563
A: 225, Carmel Street, Fgura
H: Mon-Fri 08.00-19.00, Sat 8.30-13.00

Find Debono Car Centre in Fgura, Malta

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