Comino’s 3 stunning Mediterranean beaches

Comino’s stunning beaches

Between Malta and Gozo is the island of Comino, on your way down to Malta airport by air, one can see an aerial view of the beauty of Comino with the centre point of attraction the aquamarine blue between two smaller islands, the Blue Lagoon. The island has a lot of countryside with a watchtower, police station, chapel and the Comino hotel as the main buildings on the island. The island is very tranquil and peaceful, a good way to spend a day relaxing on Comino’s beaches especially in summer. Comino being a small island the beaches can be reached within minutes from each other.

The Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Aerial View (17) viewingmalta.com
The Blue Lagoon is a paradise in its own right, a unique beach filled with white sand and clear Mediterranean sea. One has a choice of sandy and rocky spots by the beach. The Blue lagoon offers snorkelling opportunities as there are several caves, colourful fish and the aquamarine blues of the sea. In Summer, the beach is very busy as boat trips from Malta and Gozo keep coming throughout the day, so arriving early in the morning is recommended. In the Winter months, Comino offers lovely country walks and beautiful photographs of seaviews at the Blue Lagoon.

Santa Maria Bay

Santa Maria Bay is another beach, just 20 minutes away from the Blue lagoon. The sandy bay is shallow with crystal clear sea offering tranquility and peace as it is not so crowded except a few locals with boats or the guests from Comino Hotel. For safety, there are also lifeguards on duty.

St Nicholas Bay

Comino Hotel & nicholas bay Aerial View viewingmalta.com
St Nicholas Bay is very close to the Comino Hotel, which is usually reserved for hotel guests but also accessible to the public. The bay offers relaxation and tranquility and water so inviting in the summer heat, it also has snorkeling opportunities as the water is very clear with various blues and underwater flora.

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