Car & Bike Hire Rental & Leasing

For your convenience when you want to go from place to place having a temporary car is the solution. At All Malta Online we have a wide choice of car hire for you to choose from.
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Car & Bike Rental Malta

At All Malta Online we are dedicated to show casing some of the best car and bike rental providers in Malta.
Below you will find a number of providers of vehicle rentals and leasing in Malta.
At All Malta Online you can expect to find informative articles about local businesses that include a lot of useful information.

A useful document for anyone renting or leasing a car in Malta is the Maltese Highway Code – CLICK HERE to view.

Car Rental in Malta

It is important to note that in Malta cars are right hand drive and unlike continental Europe we drive on the left like the United Kingdom. A European or International license is sufficient to drive in Malta however it is important to note that the legal driving age in Malta is 18. When renting a car in Malta we do recommend taking out full cover, insurance in Malta is relatively cheap when compared to other countries in continental Europe and paying that little extra will ensure that you have no unexpected surprises that could put a dent in your wallet and an otherwise enjoyable holiday. Some car rental companies in Malta automatically include full cover in their quoted prices which is why it is best to ask before finalising your booking.

Bike rental in Malta

Malta has one of the highest population densities worldwide and Maltese roads are busy all day long with slow moving traffic, whilst this is part of Malta's charm; a motorbike can be a great way to travel around the island. A motorbike will give you the benefit of being able to traverse through Malta's slow moving traffic with ease. There are many Bike Rental companies in Malta with the most popular bike rentals being small scooters which are perfect for Maltese roads. You will also find a few Bike Rental shops that also offer a wider variety of bikes ranging from classics to road bikes.

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