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Casa Completa

Bathrooms, Turnkey projects and Waterproofing Malta

Casa Completa Batrooms, Turnkey and Waterproofing in Malta.
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About Casa Completa in Malta

Casa Completa started trading in the early nineties merchandising and applying Waterproofing membranes under the name of SP waterproofing. In 1994 we expanded our product range to include; ceramic wall and floor tiles and opened our showroom in Mdina Road, Attard. Here one can find what is perhaps the largest selection of bathroom suites and floor tiles. Above all, Casa Completa has a reputation for quality, stylish products and a commitment to service.
Casa Completa is a One Stop Shop offering services and products in three departments:
Bathrooms, Turnkey Projects and Waterproofing.

Bathrooms by Casa Completa, Malta

We supply a vast range of Classic and Modern Bathroom Suites with something to suit everyone’s taste and budget.
The new MAAX Spas PowerPool™ uses flowing streams of water to create a home environment ideal for fitness, relaxation and healing. It combines the best aspects of swimming pools, hot tubs and home gyms. Whether it’s to shape our body, soothe your soul or transform your backyard into an oasis of tranquility, MAAX Spas PowerPool™ harnesses the power of moving water to enhance your life.
We also offer a complete range of Quartz and Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles at Wholesale prices.
With our TEN DAY full removal and refitting service of your new bathroom the only headache you are left with is choosing what you want from our vast selection and leave the rest to us.
Computerized Steam Showers
Massage Bath Tubs
Shower Column & Shower Rooms
Vanity Units & Mirrors
and more

Turnkey Solutions in Malta By Casa Completa

Together with our professional associates, architects and renowned Interior & Exterior Designers , our mission is to choose a specialized line-up of skilled workers that suits your needs. This allows us to remove all your headaches as we oversee a project from the beginning to its ultimate completion. We will be your builder, tile layer, plasterer, painter, electrician and plumber. We guarantee that the project is finished efficiently and in time to the highest standards.
Casa Completa aims at meeting and satisfying its clients needs in all sectors guaranteeing that your dream is realized ON TIME EVERY TIME.
We offer a vast range of services including :

  • Investigating and problem solving of drainage or water leaks, drainage and installation.Plumbing and electrical Installation, single, and three phase;Tile laying, and sanitary ware installation, Contra bjut;Plastering and painting inside and outside & Gypsum works;

    Finishing of facade “Fuq il-fiel” & bricks: Graffiato and Silicato;

    We offer an 10 day refitting of your bathroom or shower (including removing old, with new plumbing, and new set, new tiles, and new soffit or gypsum ceiling)

    Building alterations and Old building restoration.

Waterproofing in Malta by Casa Completa

Casa Completa specializes in Waterproofing from homes to factories, hospitals to industrial applications, thus showing our great capability to achieve client satisfaction from the smallest application to the largest.

Waterproofing Applications such as

  • – Facades
    – Floors
    – Roofs
    – Swimming Pools – Reservoirs and Wells
    – Graffiti Removal and Treatments Antigrafitis Satecma Applications
    – Waterproofing basements and underground rooms and basements.
    Casa Completa imports chemicals for waterproofing and offers a complete waterproofing service to both domestic and commercial entities where services include:Supply and Laying of waterproofing membranesRelining and restoring massive reservoirs, domestic wells clean up; fountains; curved and flat roofs waterproofing; 

    Repair damage concrete foundations and ,beams and pillars, and all concrete buildings,

    Waterproofing industrial flooring with self leveling epoxy coatings

    We waterproof silos, cable trenches, tunnels, bridges and underground building;

    Cleaning of facades from alghi and moulds and waterproofing with breathable products;

    10 year guarantee for facades Fuq il-Fiel and finishing of facades and appoggi with breathable plaster and flexible coatings. We also waterproof swimming pools and foundations

    Waterproofing & damp proof free consultation.

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Contact Casa Completa in Malta

C: Sebastian Duca
T: 21414933
M: 99475925
A: Mdina Road, Attard

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