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Caruana Marine Centre | Malta, Zejtun

About Caruana Marine Centre

Caruana Marine Centre About

Caruana Marine Centre was established in 1999. Since then it has grown, and has become one of the leaders in supplying marine electronics and mechanical parts, as well as certain accessories to keep vessels sea-worthy and in pristine condition.

Products by Caruana Marine Centre

Caruana Marine Centre Products

The company offers plenty of products to it’s customers. These products are all of the highest quality and are built to last and withstand the wear and tear of constant use.

Below is a short list of some of the products Caruana Marine Centre provides it’s clients with :

The company offers various electronic equipment involved in the smooth running of a sea-worthy vessel. These electronics range from simple switches to very complex GPS Systems and Radars.

Caruana Marine Centre offers a large range of inter-cooled diesel engines, all of which have different strengths and capacities.

Marine Generators:
The generators supplied by the company are capable of providing all the electricity needed on the vessel it is attached to. It’s mainly used for bigger vessels and the electricity output can be altered.

Safety Equipment:
Various safety equipment like flares and life vests are made available by the company.

Steering Systems:
Caruana Marine Centre supplies the best-quality steering systems for ships. Advice on which system to install can be given by the very experienced staff at the shop.

Synthetic Teak:
An alternative to the teak floor normally used in ships, this synthetic teak looks just like it’s real wood counterpart, but at a much cheaper price. Although there is a difference in price, the quality of the products is never compromised .

A coating used to prevent barnacles and other limpets from latching onto a ship’s hull. It can be easily applied and due to the quality of the product, it will last longer than most other products.

Audio systems are made available by the company. These systems include amplifiers, as well as specialized out-door speakers which are resistant to corrosion.

Brands Imported by Caruana Marine Centre

caruana Marine Centre Brands

the company imports plenty of world-renowned brands, which are all very well established in their field because of their outstanding products.

Some of the brands the company imports can be found below :

  • TREM
  • SHURflo
  • Jotun
  • Navicom
  • Polyform Fenders
  • Koden Marine Electronics
  • Glomex
  • Craftsmanmarine

Caruana Marine Centre Online

The company can be found on their own website, which is linked below.

Caruana Marine Centre’s Website

Caruana Marine Centre Website

By clicking on the image above, you will be taken to the company’s website where you can learn more about the different products they have for sale, as well as their aims and goals when it comes to offering quality customer satisfaction.

Near Caruana Marine Centre

Palprint Press and Vision 2000 are both found in the vicinity of the company.

Contact Caruana Marine Centre

T: (+356)2182 1332,(+356)2099 2182
M: (+356)9942 6324
A: Caruana Marine Centre, Triq il-President Anton Buttigieg, Zejtun ZTN 2830, Malta

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