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Browns Malta

Restaurant in Malta, Valletta

Browns Restaurant

About Browns Malta

Browns Malta believes that food has a magical quality to it where despite our schedules getting more and more hectic, when it comes to eating, we somehow find a way to pull all our attention on the meal. Browns Malta aims to give you a meal worth giving your attention to! They are committed to bringing out beautiful and delicious meals every single time. Specialising in delicious rare cuts of meat and fresh fish, which is unsurprising as they are located on the waterfront, you are sure to leave happy and full with each of the chef’s creations!

Situated on Valletta’s Waterfront, literally surrounded by history. Enjoy a unique atmosphere, ambience and spectacular views of the sea and ships passing to and from the harbour. With excellent service at Browns Malta at the Valletta Waterfront and Browns Kitchen creating the most original, tantalizing and delicious food, you, your guests and your family are all sure to enjoy. The restaurant has indoor seating as well as outdoor seating with a picturesque view of the grand harbour and cruise liners.

Booking for large groups, corporate events, hen/bachelor parties is also available. The menu consists of delicious pizzas, mouth-watering fresh pasta & grill dishes. They also serve drinks like cocktails, local and foreign wines to compliment your dining experience. Click here to view Browns Malta Menu.

On Offer At Browns Malta

Browns Malta Desserts

Here we can see a delicious molten chocolate cake, topped with some icing sugar and a scoop of refreshing ice cream, which will pair beautifully with the warm, gooey chocolate filling.
Browns Malta Desserts 1

Browns Malta offers multiple different desserts to satisfy even the most picky customer. Blending fresh flavours with beautiful design, these desserts are as much a feast for the eyes as for the stomach.

Browns Malta Steak

When ordering a meat main from Browns Malta, you can rest assured that the cut of meat you are getting is going to be of the highest quality, succulent, juicy and cooked to perfection exactly as you want it.
Browns Malta Salad

Browns Malta also has salad offerings available like the above with feta cheese, parma ham and cherry tomatoes. Excellent as a side to your meal, a starter or a light lunch, you are sure to enjoy!
Browns Malta Prawns

Being on the seafront has its perks, and besides the excellent view, fresh seafood is one of them! Choose from a selection of high quality prawns and fish and taste what fresh really tastes like – there is no going back.
Browns Malta Starter

Browns Malta prides itself on creating art pieces with their dishes, as you can see above, their chefs seamlessly blends form and function with a mixture of delicious ingredients, meats, vegetables, sauces and colours!
Browns Malta Appetizers

There are also great chances for sharing at Browns Malta! Enjoy a traditional Maltese sharing starter of fresh olives, beans and dips with the classic Maltese galletti!
Browns Malta Sandwich

Steaks are not the only thing on offer for mains at Browns Malta. You can find the highest quality cuts of beef, pork and chicken, as well as freshly caught fish. All cooked to perfection and laid out artistically for your pleasure.
Browns Malta Pasta

As you can see above, Browns Malta doesn’t shy away from its Mediterranean roots either. With delicious spaghetti and mussels, their pasta dishes are to die for!
Browns Malta Pizza

Of course, drawing on inspiration from Italy, Browns Malta also offers its own take on traditionally Italian-style pizzas! Baked only with the freshest ingredients, this is perfect for groups to share around.

Browns Malta in Valletta on the Map

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