Book Gifts: 5 Books For Every Man

Book Gift Ideas For Him

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Some believe the gift of knowledge is the greatest gift there is, and it is hard to argue with it. Books make great gifts thanks to the sheer variety of titles available and how easy it is to get them nowadays. No matter if he is a bookworm or someone who barely reads, there is sure to be a book out there that will interest him. For some starting inspiration we have made a list of some classics, both modern and classic, fiction and non.

The Great Gatsby

One of the most famous works of fiction of the 20th century, the Great Gatsby captivated generation’s of readers with its vivid imagery of the roaring 20’s and the Gilded Age. Thanks to the somewhat recent movie adaption with Leonardo DiCaprio, the book has received renewed interest. As is often argued, the book is often best so why not gift a fan of the movie with this classic.

How To Win Friends And Influence People

This classic guide to increasing your social abilities and improving your connections in all areas of life has become one of, if not the most famous self-help book in history. Selling millions yearly, even Warren Buffet has thanked the author for the impact it has had on his life. Within the pages you will learn how to quickly turn anyone into a friend, approach people better and make people want to become friends with you.

Steve Jobs: A Biography

Steve Jobs may be one of the most creative forces of our generation, held in the same esteem as Walt Disney for his creativity and foresight. The man behind the iPhone was a complex character and biographer Walter Isaacson researches all of Steve Job’s life in great detail. Filled with fun facts and plentiful stories, this is one of the best new biographies out today.

Fight Club

The book that inspired the film that lead to a pop-culture phenomenon. Perfect for fans of the movie, the book has even more dialogue, character interaction and witty prose critiquing modern society and its faults. A great book for those looking for something a little more edgy.

Angels & Demons

Dan Brown has long been touted as one of the greatest fiction writers of our generation, with each of his releases being an even to themselves. Following the style of his smash hit The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown takes the reader on a mystery adventure of worldwide proportions drawing strongly from religious theology and the times of the Templars and even further. Perfect for mystery lovers and history buffs.

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