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Beauty, Hair, Nails in Mosta, Malta

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‘Love of BEAUTY is Taste. The creation of BEAUTY is Art’ (R.W. Emerson, an America poet). Antonella Vella is a true believer of beauty and beauty and art are synonymous with the Beauty Team. Their main aim is to offer the highest quality service to all the clients who avail from the different services offered. The focus to give a good service is not just on the treatments that are offered but also on the friendly atmosphere and personalized service in the salon.
It is a priority for the team to invest in training in new methods and update themselves in new services that can be offered. So I invite you to visit our website to check out the beauty services that are available. It is a guarantee that guests are assisted according to their special needs. Expert advice is offered on the vast range of beauty products and various beauty treatments, such as facials, slimming treatments are available for you by our qualified therapists.

Beauty Treatments at Beauty Team

Facials using Galvanic, Ultrasound Machine (Young &Mature skin) ,Eye Treatment (Wrinkles &Dark Circles) , Basic Manicure/Pedicure, Deluxe Manicure/Pedicure, Waxing(Full Body) Eye Lash/Eye Brow Tint, Electrolysis, Wellbeing Massages.


Sorisa Machine, G5, Presso Body Wraps, Personal Diet Weekly Recipes (Cellulite Packages)

Spray tanning

UV-Free Spray tanning in just 10 minutes. Fast, Safe, Stunning.

Make-up Services

High Fashion Make-Up, Occasional &Wedding Make-Up (house visits also provided).

Semi-Permanent Make-up Services
Eye Liner, Lip Liner, Eyebrows in Both Black & Hair strokes Simulation.

Pain – Free Alternative To Laser, Hair Removal, Brown Spots, Acne, Vascular Treatment On Face & Legs.

Botox & Fillers
Wrinkle Lifting (Revert &Lift Facial Wrinkles) Every 3 to 6 months, our Dermo-Cosmetologist who lives and works in Abu Dhabi, UAE since 1994, pays us a visit. Her main line of work is Anti-Aging, Face&Body Reshaping with non-surgical methods of Botox injections, Skin Fillers for wrinkle management, methods of collagen induction and skin rejuvenation, face lifting , lip augmentation, acne scar treatments, nose & chin reshaping, neck lifting & rejuvenation & also hand rejuvenation.

Hairdressing Services at Beauty Team

The hairdressing department, run by qualified hairdressers can offer you the most modern trends in hairstyling. Various services are available and these include Styling Cut, Blow-Dry, Color, Highlight, Treatment, Straightening and Up-Styles.


Hairstyles for photoshoots, Upstyles for Weddings, 100% Human Hair Extensions are available and more hairdressing services offered at Beauty Team.

Nail Services at Beauty Team

The use of Roby Nails is a highlight at the Beauty Team. Qualified nail technicians can finish off your make-over by leaving with a wonderful set of stunning nails.


Roby Nail Extensions, Full Set, Re-Fills, French, Coloured Gel, Nail Art, Marble Nail Art, Lace Nail Art.

Other Beauty services at Beauty Team

Zumba Classes, Photography, Wedding Packages & Gift Vouchers.

One to one courses in make up and nail extensions are provided upon request. Special packages are on offer for special occasions such as one’s wedding. Yoga classes and Fashion Photography are also offered.

Nail Course by Roby Nails

Individual attention course
8 lessons: (4) lessons fullset, (4) lessons refills
Apart from learning the gel system, you learn basic nail art free
Notes will be given with every lesson
Apart from the 8 lessons you are free to come and work at Beauty Team, nail bar for free; it will help you more and give you more confidence to do nails and if you have any problems while working on your client you are free to ask Antonella and will help you more to build up your clientelle.
At the end or the course the participant will receive a certificate of attendance

Why are Roby Nails Gel System unbeatable products?

Safe for you and your clients
Do not contain harmful components
Easy to use, fast to apply, self levelling, no filling needed, there for more profit for you and you can fit more clients
Exceptional high gloss finish and long lasting result
High quality, thanks to continuous research and development
With great prices in the market/performance rate

Roby Nails Gel course for only € 600.00 + Kit Included Course can be paid per lesson € 75.00

Nail art course with colored gel

Individual attention
One day course
Learn how to mix colours of Roby Nails (with 12 basic colours you can mix hundreds of colours)
Latest technique about coloured gels
All types of nail art
Stickers with nail art
Stones with nail art

Nail art course for only € 200.00 + Nail art kit, containing 12 basic colours.

Make-up course

Learn how to do your own mini facials at home
Learn how to buy cosmetics and make-up for your own use
Learn how to apply evening and every day make-up on yourself
Notes will be given

Bring with you:

Small mirror
Face products

* One to one lessons for 2hrs for only € 50.00
(lessons are always on Thursday mornings or evenings)

* Group lessons for 6hrs for only € 70.00
One day course fr 6hrs or 3 lessons for 2hrs each,
(lessons always on Thursday mornings and evenings)

* Your lesson is FREE if you bring 5 friends with you
(lesson always on Thursday. Time of course will organized by you, the important thing is to phone Antonella a month before. € 100.00 deposit is to be given)

An important aspect of our continuous development is the participation of the Beauty Team therapists in various important beauty fairs both locally and internationally. We are renowned for winning with honors competitions in nail and nail art.

Photography at Beauty Team


Should you wish a consultation session or you feel like to be pampered whilst receiving a good beauty service, do not hesitate to pay us a visit or call for an appointment at our salon.

Beauty Team Malta on Facebook

Contact The Beauty Team in Mosta, Malta

C: Antonella Vella
A: Beauty Team, 181, Constitution Street, Mosta
T: 21 423 939
H: Tue – Wed: 8:00-19:00, Thu 9:00-19:00, Fri 8:00-19:00, Sat 8:00-18:00

Find The Beauty Team in Mosta, Malta

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