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Auto Service Fgura

More than just car servicing!


About Auto Service

Auto Service in Fgura specializes in supplying auto parts for cars and bikes alike. Their expert staff are always willing to help clients choose which product is right for them and offer hints and advice on how best to use the products and take care of their vehicle. They also stock care-care products as well as batteries and a variety of tools used by the motor industry.

Products Provided by Auto Service Fgura

Auto-Service-Fgura-Products 2

The company provides a plentiful amount of car products. All the products are designed to be safe to use on your vehicle and are of the finest quality.

Car Parts:
A variety of car parts are made available by the company. Both mechanical and electrical parts are available and they are carefully inspected before being sold and installed.

Care-Care Products:
The company also provides car-care products designed to protect your car’s bodywork.

Different batteries are used in different vehicles. Auto Service realizes this and thus supplies it’s customers with batteries compatible with cars and others with bikes. They also supply batteries of different sizes and strengths.

Car Tools:
Auto Service also supplies it’s customers with quality tools for their vehicles, for various repairs and services.

Brands imported by Auto Service Fgura


The company stocks world-renowned brands which are designed to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. From mechanical parts to products designed to protect your paint-job, the company is well-equipped to handle your requests.

The company imports many brands, some of which can be found in the list below :

  • Armor All
  • Autoglym
  • STP
  • NGK
  • Beru Spark Plugs
  • ETF Brake Pads and Shoes

Accessories Provided by Auto Service Fgura

The company also provides plenty of extras which you can fit on your car. Some of the extras can be seen in the list below:

  • Wipers
  • Seat Covers
  • Motor Oils
  • Coolants
  • Car Mats

Near Auto Service Fgura

The company can be found right next to Sara Grech Ltd and a short distance away from the HSBC branch in Fgura.


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