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Arjakon | Ta’Xbiex, Malta

About Arjakon | Air Conditioning and Solar Water Heating

Arjakon About

Arjakon Ltd is a current leader in the importation and distribution of Air conditioning and Solar Water Heating products in Malta. They supply both Domestic and Industrial sectors, as well as Commercial markets. It has the most experienced and skilled personnel, who have been trained overseas.

Arjakon started in 1966. Till this day it still believes in offering quality products, backed up by professional after sales service. This ensures that its vast stock of original spare parts is installed and taken care of by knowledgeable employees. Arjakon also provides a service which can offer solutions for installation and servicing of their products.

Air Conditioning by Arjakon

Air conditioning products have become a major appliance both in the domestic and commercial sectors of life. It has almost become a necessity and is nowadays affordable. Arjakon offers a large variety of air conditioning solutions. These range from simple units, to more luxurious and feature-filled air conditioners.

Arjakon represents some well-known brands, including :

  • Electra Air Conditioning
  • Fujiair
  • Airwell

Electra Air Conditioning from Arjakon

Electra logo

Electra is an established name in air-conditioning. Their air conditioners are certified and are Eurovent top of the range products, as well as being environment friendly. They also have heavy-duty characteristics, enabling them to be in continuous operation and resist general wear and tear. The outdoor units sport a rustproof galvanized body, using double-hardened powder paint. These also have been tropicalised to a grade of A, which is build-quality necessary for desert climate conditions.

They also offer different air conditioner types, some of which are :

  • Monosplit is a type of split air conditioner. Monosplit means that each indoor unit works together with it’s outdoor unit.

  • The high-wall unit is the most common kind of air conditioner. It is found in residences and it is ideal due to it’s easy installation and maintenance.

  • Cassette units are another possible indoor air conditioning unit. They have look like ceiling panel and can be integrated into the ceiling.

  • Floor standing units are another kind of indoor unit. These which are also referred to as chest units and have a similar installation to that of a radiator.

Fujiair Air Conditioning from Arjakon

Arjakon Logo

Fujiair air conditioners use the latest Japanese technology to ensure that their products are very reliable and of a high quality. Fujiair is branch of Xigo Corporation Ltd., which was established in 1998. It is one of the leading air conditioner producers in China. Their products cover a variety of residential and commercial air conditioning needs.

Some of the different kinds of products supplied by Fujiair are :

  • In air conditioning systems, chilled water is typically distributed to heat exchangers, or coils, in air handling units

  • AHU & FCU
  • Air Handling Unit (AHU) and Fan Coil Units (FCU) are acronyms that describe multiple systems of heating, ventilating and air handling. AHU are usually connected to a central system whereas FCU can be installed and function by itself.

  • Commercial Grade rooftop air conditioners are designed to overcome harsh and unusual weather conditions and provide stable cooling or heating to businesses or factories.

  • The use of a VRF air conditioner results in superior energy savings. A VRF system provides exceptional dehumidification and temperature control.

Airwell Air Conditioning from Arjakon

airwell logo

Airwell is part of the ELCO Holding Group, which is a global leader of air conditioning systems. It offers a wide variety of air conditioners for both residential and industrial sectors, as well as for commercial use.

Some different kinds of products Airwell provides are:

  • These are efficient heat pumps which use neutral resources to provide year round climate control.

  • VRF
  • This system provides independent room comfort and climate control for up to 40 indoor units.

  • This system is very versatile (floor, ceiling, ducted, wall-mounted or cassette) and uses cold or hot water to exchange the heat loads.

  • A specialized air conditioner for computer rooms, where heat loads must be removed without modifying the humidity of a room.

  • Centralized air system which allows distribution of conditioned air by use of a ducted system.

  • A machine which is able to exchange heat loads coming from indoor fan coils

  • A machine producing cold water which is needed to exchange heat loads by use of water.

  • A centralized compact unit which is positioned on roofs and which also allows distribution of conditioned air via a ducted system.

  • AHU
  • Air Handling Units are centralised air systems which cool, heat and humidify the air. The air is distributed via ducts.

Arjakon Online

Arjakon can be found on their own website, Facebook and Youtube. To view this information, you can look below

Arjakon Website

Arjakon Website

By clicking on the image above, you can find more information about Arjakon and their products and services.

Arjakon on Facebook Latest Updates

Arjakon on Youtube

Near Arjakon

Close to Arjakon, one can find the Empire Stadium and Paul and Rocco service station.

Contact Arjakon

T: (+356)2122 2122, (+356)2123 6684

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