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Annabelle Nails

Nail Technician and Nail Art Courses in Malta, B’Kara

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About Annabelle Nails

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Gel Nails with gel nail-polish and freehand nail-art/ micropittura.
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With over 13 years experience as a nail technician Annabelle Cassar has plenty of knowledge of nails, whether as a technician, or as a teacher for others thanks to her 7 years teaching experience.

Nail art is a creative activity that draws pictures or designs on fingernails. It is a type of art. Nowadays fingernails and toenails are an important part of your overall beauty care. This is not only true today but goes back in history with some of the earliest examples of Nail Art coming from China. It started off being made from a combination of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable dyes, gum arabic and rose petals. The Chinese would dip their hands in this mixture until their finger nails turned red or pink.

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Other early examples of Nail Beauty Techniques and Nail Art come from Ancient Egypt where henna was used, the henna stained their fingernails orange, which turned dark red or brown after the stain matured, the colour of the nail polish reflected social rank. The colours gold and silver were favoured; later, black and red were the favoured colours. Red is the colour Cleopatra wore.

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By the turn of the 9th century, nails were tinted with scented red oils, and polished or buffed with a chamois cloth. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, people pursued a polished rather than painted look by massaging tinted powders and creams into their nails, then buffing them shiny. After the creation of automobile paint, Cutex produced the first modern nail polish in 1917. Synthetic nail polish was introduced in the 1920s in Paris.

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Nail Technicians have now moved on to building on this rich history and today have many more tools and products at our disposal such as; Acrylics, Artificial Nails, Gels, UV Topcoats, flexible tips etc. All of which are available at Annabelle’s Nails where they offer all services related to Nail Beauty as well as courses for all the different Nail Art Techniques popular today with the latest nail products and Nail Beauty Equipment for you to learn with.

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Annabelle Nails is here to cater for your nail care. Should you wish to visit us you can use the map below to get a better idea of our location, whilst thanking you for taking the time to visit our page we look forward to seeing you at our Nail parlour.


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C: Annabelle Cassar
T: 21494198
M: 99862857
A: Annabelle Nails, Shop 3, Regent Place, Triq San Tumas Fenech, B’Kara, Malta
H: By Appointment

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