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How did you get here?

Probably the same way your clients did, you may have searched for something on Google, Bing, Yahoo or another search engine, possibly you saw an advert on Facebook or another site we advertise on, maybe you heard about us by word of mouth or came across us through one of our many sister sites. The point is you got here and so do your potential clients!

All Malta Online consistently ranks in the Top 100 websites visited by Maltese people and has visits from over 130 countries. We receive thousands of visitors a day and our ranking proves it!

What are we?

Most people confuse us with a directory, yet we are a lot more than that. We provide business pages, packed with information about your business to help consumers make the right choice! In this day and age people want information and they want it quick! They want to know if you have what they need! Consumers no longer waste time shopping around on foot, they are way to busy for that!

We have more for less!

At 100 we are the best value for money no contest!

We have more per page traffic then any of our competitors! – Don’t get lost with another 18,000 businesses, Stand Out!

We have more information per page then any of our competitors! – None of that ***Words limit

We can showcase your products in our popular Products Module – With E-order built in!

We have built in Contact forms that email you directly.

Your Page is all about you and presenting you in the best possible and most efficient way to your clients.

We have full social media capabilities including Facebook commenting & sharing + Sharing to over 300 other social networks!

We have built in translations to practically any language you can imagine!

We keep it simple for your clients no need to click here & there all the information is on one page! Your page!

Unlimited contact details!

We also offer all of the below!

  • Products Module with E-Ordering (You can update your own Products/Services/Menu)
  • Facebook Integration (Your latest news on Facebook shows up on your page!) & Your clients can like your page through All Malta Online
  • Extra Images
  • Videos
  • Designed Banner Links
  • Dedicated Facebook Advertising
  • Choice of Online Advertising
  • Dedicated Domain Names (
  • Dedicated E-Mail Address (
  • PDF Integration (For menus, etc.)

We care at All Malta Online it is All About You!

We know you are busy, which is why we make it easy for you to ensure that your potential clients get the best information they can about you! We call and interview every client, making sure we have all the important information.

We are an all year round business, we care enough to keep in touch all year round making sure you get the best we have to offer!

We improve constantly!

We are not happy just being the best, we work hard at staying ahead and making sure we are the best platform for your business online, we do not wait years to change our website! The internet is a fast and ever changing medium, we know it and so do you, which is why we do not play spot the difference once every five years! We improve our site in one way or another nearly every 3 months!

All About You!

You know why we are the best solution for your business, the next step is easy, get in touch!


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