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Advent Lift Services Ltd

Advent Lifts Services Ltd

Lift Services in Zebbug, Malta

Advent Lifts Services

About Advent Lift Services Ltd in Zebbug, Malta

Advent Lifts Services Ltd is a medium-sized business specialising in design, supply, installation, assembly, servicing and refurbishing of safe, stylish and energy efficient escalators, goods lifts, parking systems and passenger lifts in hydraulic and traction types including machine roomless in Malta, Europe and North Africa. With experienced staff of nearly 20 full-time employees, most of which have been employed with the company for many years, Advent Lifts Services Ltd sold and is servicing over 600 lifts in Malta and the Mediterranean Region over the past 14 years. The directors of the company have a combined experience of over 40 years and always seek to provide the best advice for each individual situation ensuring that the company’s clients are always kept satisfied with all the products and services.

Whilst maintaining high levels of efficiency,  Advent Lifts Services Ltd has established very strict policies regarding the quality of work and will continue to thrive in improving the quality of its current products and adopting new systems to repair and service lifts using the most time-cost efficient methods and ensuring high health and safety features for which the company is renowned. We will deliver our promise by ensuring personalised service to our current and future customers. Advent Lifts Services Ltd has provided lifts to major building contractors, hotels, showrooms, factories and shops distinguishing punctuality in meeting tight deadlines. Our stores are equipped with a variety of tools and parts required for repairing different faults to avoid repairing delays. All our products and services are in compliance with the Malta Standards Authority, Malta Lifts Association and EN 81.

We would like to invite you to browse our website, for further information on Advent Lifts Services Ltd and its products and services. Should you require more details or an itemised personalised quotation we look forward to meet you on site or in our premises in Zebbug, Malta.


Advent Lift Services Ltd Online

Advent Lift Services Ltd can be found online on both their website, as well as on Facebook and Youtube.

Advent Lift Services Ltd’s Website

Advent Lift Services Ltd Website

By clicking on the image above, you will find the company’s website, where it will tell you more about the company itself, as well as the products the company offers to it’s clients.

Advent Lift Services Ltd on Facebook Latest Updates

The company has 1,183 fans and their Facebook page is full of pictures, showing their previous installations and their products.

Advent Lift Services Ltd on Youtube

This video shows some of the company’s types of lifts and their uses.

Near Advent Lift Services Ltd

The company can be found close to Marcon’s Fashion Maze, which is in it’s vicinity.

Contact Advent Lift Services Ltd in Zebbug, Malta

T: 21463581
A: Advent Lift Services, 21, Hal Dwin Street, Zebbug
H: 24/7 service, Office: Mon-Fri 8.00am-18.00pm

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