A few Southern European Myths and legends

Maltese Myths and legends

Castello Zamitello

Zamitello Castle
In Mgarr, there is a fortified castle that belonged to Baron Bernardo Zammit and his only daughter Lucia, who was supposed to marry an old Count from Sicily. Lucia wanting to become a nun, disappeared on the wedding day. After a year the bells of the church rang and in front of the altar a vision of Lucia dressed as a nun appeared to the villagers. She told them that on the wedding day she escaped to stop the marriage to the Count, took her vows as a nun and spent the last year taking care of the wounded, before being killed by an arrow. The Castle still stands to this day, a wedding venue.


Tal-Maqluba Chapel (4) viewingmalta.com
There are various Maltese folk legends associated with ‘Tal-Maqluba’. One of the legends narrates about an evil village close to Qrendi. The villagers were so evil that God punished them by opening the ground and the Earth swallowed the whole village. The opening in the ground stopped just in front of St Matthew’s Chapel which still stands to this day.

Hasan’s Cave

ghar hasan
There are different versions of this legend and one of them is about a Muslim called Hasan. He kidnapped a Maltese farm-girl and held her captive in the cave. The locals found out about the girl and went to attack the cave. Hasan pushed the girl over the cliff and he commited suicide jumping over the edge.

Mosta Bride

cumbo tower
Legend has it that at Cumbo tower lived a girl called Marianne, she had a servant Haggi who fell in love with Marianne. Another suitor Toni proposed to Marianne and wedding plans went ahead. Haggi snuck out of the tower and set sail to Turkey. On the eve of the wedding Haggi returned to Malta and kidnapped Marianne and went back to Turkey. When Toni found out, he vowed to find his bride, so he went to Turkey in search for her and disguised himself as a Turk. He found out his bride Marianne was was staying at the Sultan’s Palace. Toni heard Marianne’s sad song coming from the palace window and started singing back, an escape plan. She was disguised as a poor woman and smuggled out of the palace. Toni and Marianne were reunited and made their way back home.

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