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A Ferriggi importers and distributors have been serving the construction industry, marine industry and ironmongers throughout the Maltese islands for many years with quality safety products and hardware for ironmongers.
Special rates are provided to building contractors and similar entities, the team at A Ferriggi has many years of experience in helping developers in the construction industry ensure that they have all the safety equipment required by law and to ensure their workers safety. So if you currently do any form of construction, finishing or similar works get in touch as they are sure to provide you with quality equipment at some of the best prices available on the islands.

Safety Equipment

Full / Half Face Masks

A wide selection of full and half face masks are available in different colours and styles. Produced in Europe to exacting standards A Ferriggi imports and distributes only the very best in safety equipment. The quality is immediately visible and the masks are able to handle considerable wear and tear but most importantly they offer the very best in terms of protection.

Breathing Filters & Respirators

For contractors requiring breathing filters and respirators a wide range is stocked as well as specialist masks available on order. Keeping your workers safe and healthy increases production and has an overall benefit on the bottom line. In most cases these safety products don’t only protect your employees but also increase productivity and stamina; inhaling dust particles as well as other airborne toxins reduces energy levels as has been shown in studies conducted by reputable industry experts.

Safety Goggles & Eye Protection

Safety goggles and other forms of adequate eye protection are in many cases required by law and can also protect the employer from both fines and lawsuits; it is the employers responsibility to provide the required safety equipment and in cases where they are not provided settlements can be very costly. A Ferriggi provides excellent valuef or money safety glasses and eye protection in various styles and colours to suit their client’s needs. A Ferriggi’s products are also available in leading ironmongers throughout the island for individuals looking for protection whilst engaged in DIY projects. Whilst some do consider such protections a temporary inconvenience we assure you they are better than a permanent inconvenience such as an eye injury; your safety and the safety of your staff is of the utmost importance.

Ear Protection

Featured above is a small selection of the ear protection products available; ear muffs and ear plugs are available to aid in hearing loss protection. Within the construction industry heavy machinery can cause temporary as well as permanent hearing loss if the right safety equipment is not used; apart from hearing loss loud noise over certain decibels is also known to cause headaches and make it harder for workers to concentrate. Depending on the work environment and noise levels different equipment may be used to prevent hearing loss whilst operating heavy machinery or working close to said machinery. Multiple products are available at the standards required, many products are in stock and specialist safety equipment can be ordered to meet your specifications.

Full Body Harness

A wide variety of full body harnesses are available in different formats; the right harness is definitely available at A Ferriggi Importers and Distributors, specialty harnesses are also available. Different colours are also available and specialized harnesses for workers that spend long periods of time harnessed and working at an elevation. The tema at A Ferriggi can provide specialized advice depending on how you will be using the harness and the length of time that the workers will remain harnessed.

Fall Protection

Beyond the harnesses of course fall protection equipment is extremely important and the right equipment saves lives on a daily basis. Fall protection equipment ranges from simple solutions that attach to ladders or similar equipment to fall arrest systems combined with energy absorbers that can help protect workers from strain and spinal injuries. Lifeline equipment is also available of course as well as guided fall arresters.


Depending on the level of risk, work environment factors and stylistic preference there is a wide range of hard hats and helmets available. Multiple colours are also available; A Ferriggi stocks a wide range and specific colours are available on request or can be specially ordered.

Leather / Latex / Welding Gloves

Depending on your requirements and the work environment A Ferriggi imports and distributes a wide range of specialized gloves, leather and latex are available as well as professional welding gloves. The image above showcases a few of the glove types and styles available.

Welding Masks

Welding Helmets Malta Safety Equipment
Depending on the type of welding and how frequently you or your workers will be welding different welding masks area available. High end modern high intensity welding masks are available as well as the more traditional that are suitable for lower intensity welding. Whatever your welding mask requirements you are sure to find what you need at competitive prices. Feel free to call or email A Ferriggi on the contact details below for more information and a full catalog of welding masks available.

Safety Signs & Other Various Equipment

Due to work site regulations specialized signs are a legal requirement in many situations; A Ferriggi has all the signs you may require as well as many other types of safety equipment, tool pouches and other equipment.

Marine Boat Accessories & Safety Equipment

A Ferriggi supplies various safety equipment and accessories for the marine industry including Life Jackets as well as all kinds of ropes and chains. They also provide anchors, fenders, life rings and rigging accessories. Products are of the highest quality sourced from all over the world with a focus on EU, all goods meet required standards and ensure their customers safety. With many years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers the team at A Ferriggi is ready to provide you with the very best in marine supplies.

General Hardware Supplies Wholesalers

SIRVEX – Castors

A wide range of castors are available, kindly get in touch with A Ferriggi with your requirements on the contact form below or simply give them a call and discuss your requirements. A Ferriggi wholesale to ironmongers and will be more than happy to direct you to the relevant ironmongery that stocks their line of products.

Wire Brushes – FECIN

Wide range of wire brushes are available at wholesale prices for ironmongers across the Maltese islands, reputable and high quality brushes made in Europe can be in your store as early as tomorrow in some cases. A Ferriggi are proud that for many years the brands they supply have helped build the reputation of the ironmongers they work with by consistently helping them provide their clients with reliable wire brushes at fair prices.

Masonary Drills – REX

For all kinds of masonry work requiring heavy duty masonry drill equipment A Ferriggi is able to help you stock your shelves with the bits that your clients need and will ensure your store’s great reputation.

Assorted Hand Tools – MOTA

MOTA a reliable hand tool brand is available in Malta from A Ferriggi importers and distributors, from spray guns to pneumatic tools, screw drivers, drills, abrasives and various garden and construction equipment. So if you are looking to stock your store with reliable, EU products for your discerning clientele look no further; get in touch below or give them a call and they are sure to help you with servicing your client’s requirements.

Contact A Ferriggi Importers & Distributors

65, Fiorella, Triq Guzi Abela, Zejtun ZTN 1651
Tel: +356 21 673 719
Mob: +356 99 475 154
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