5 things to see in Valletta

Living history in Valletta

The Capital City of Malta, Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Valletta is full of 16th century buildings with Baroque architecture built by the Knights of St. John. Among the majestic buildings is St. John’s Co-Cathedral, several Auberges which were hosted by the knights, still stand to this day, with stone sculptures around the main doors and windows in all its grandeur show how important these buildings were back in the day. Valletta is very busy by day with commercial shops, cafes, wine bars, theatres, art galleries, cultural events and so much more.

Casa Rocca Piccola

Casa Rocca Piccola viewingmalta.com
A private owned home belonging to the noble De Piro family offers various features about Maltese nobility over the last 400 years. The 16th century Palace has over 50 rooms exhibiting a collection of furniture, silver artefacts, paintings, World war shelters and so much more. A Palace that features the way of life in the 16th century in Malta.

Maltese history in 5D

Maltese History
Now you can experience Maltese history with all 5 senses with a 3D film, moving seats and so much more. A unique way of time travelling from the prehistoric times to the Second World War.

Hastings Gardens

hastings-garden - Aaron Briffa, viewingmalta.com
Hastings gardens is a quiet place on the west side of Valletta’s entrance. The gardens have been recently embellished with views of Marsamxett harbour, featuring Msida, Sliema and Manoel Island. There is also a monument in the garden in honour of Lord Hastings, the former British governor of Malta. Hastings gardens is small but attractive and peaceful with fantastic views worth taking pictures.

Upper Barrakka Gardens

Upper Barrakka Garden, viewingmalta.com
These gardens offer peace with majestic views of the Grand Harbour with the three cities just across, as well as the Shipyard. The gardens are located on the east side of Valletta’s entrance, on the upper tier of St.Peter and St.Paul bastion. The bastion’s Lower tier is the Saluting Battery, here cannons are fired at noon and at four to signify the passage of time. The gardens were originally used to offer recreation for the Italian knights but after the French occupation, the garden was open to the public. One can see various monuments and memorials in memory of Gerald Strickland, Sir Thomas Maitland and Sir Winston Churchill. The gardens are linked to Lascaris Wharf by the Barrakka lift, a shortcut to Valletta Waterfront or the Cruise Liners.

A walk around the bastions

Valletta Coast - Clive Briffa, viewingmalta.com
A walk around the bastions offers living history and spectacular seaviews all around the capital. Starting from Argotti gardens in Floriana take Great Siege Road down toward the sea, past the luxury hotel and keep straight close to the sea. On the way one can come across the ferry to Sliema with a few restaurants located here, moving on to Fort St. Elmo which is usually open for historical re-enactments and also where the War Museum is located. Walking along the coast you will find you are close to the Knights Hospital which is now the Mediterranean Conference Centre, moving on past the Siege Bell Memorial which comemorates the 7000 civilians and armed forces who died in the Second World War, which is rung at noon daily. If you keep on going straight you will find yourself at the Valletta Waterfront and also where Cruise Liners berth.

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