5 things to see in St. Julians

The Entertainment hub, St. Julians

Wine and Dine in St. Julians

St. Julians offer quite a good number of restaurants to choose from, serving Asian Cuisine to Mediterranean Cuisine. The wide selection of restaurants and wine bars make St. Julians, a suitable choice for celebrating any occasion.

Dance the night away in Paceville

Paceville is a popular place for nightlife, especially among the Maltese youths, foreign students and tourists. Paceville is where the pubs, bars and clubs are located to dance until the early hours of morning.

Spinola Palace

The elegant palace was built by the Italian knight Rafael Spinola in the late 17th Century as well as the adjacent gardens “for the public entertainment” as written on the inscription above on the entrance porch. Today it is now the Parliamentary assembly of the Mediterranean where forums take place to reach the best political, social, economic and cultural conditions of member states.

LOVE Monument

The modern structure constructed of travertine was built so that the word “LOVE” is reflected in the calm water of the bay. Some have found the monument to have a romantic meaning where two lovers meet leaving a token of their love or even just a memorable picture of love between friends.

The Dragonara Casino

The Dragonara Palace was built in 1870 as a summer residence of Marquis Scicluna. The Palace opened the first casino also known as the Dragonara Casino in 1964 as one of the projects to establish Malta as a tourist destination. Now in its 51st year, the Casino attracts about 350,000 patrons each year making it the main casino in Malta.

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