5 things to see in Birgu

Birgu, the Victorious city

Birgu by Candlelight

Birgu By Candlelight viewingmalta.com
This is an event that is very unique in Malta, the streets light up with candles that create a romantic atmosphere depicting the history and architectural beauty of Birgu. Historical re-enactments take place as well as museums are open to the public, there are also food stalls offering Maltese food and various other activities to suit all ages.

Birgu Fortifications

Fort St. Angelo birgu local council viewingmalta.com
Birgu fortified by the Knights of St. John can be seen in the majestic entrances to Birgu. One of which is The Couvre Porte which has been restored by Birgu Local Council used as an exhibition hall, conference hall and Easter plays. The Main Gate shows the majestic architecture that Birgu has to offer, a marble tablet with “Vittoriosa” comemorates the Victory of the Siege in 1565 against the Turks. Fort St. Angelo was house to the Grand Master back in the day, a historical mark of military architecture that still stands to this day and for future generations to admire the history of Malta.

Birgu Waterfront

Birgu Panoramic View viewingmalta.com
The Birgu Waterfront has a yacht marina that hosts some of the luxurious yachts in Malta and also offers a very nice walk by the sea front. The Waterfront lined with restaurants offer Mediterranean Cuisine giving life and activity to the place. The Birgu Waterfront was also a filming location for films like Cutthroat Island and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum (1)
The Maritime Museum exhibits history of ancient sailors to the more recent events like the discovery of St. Paul’s Anchor. The collections speak out the history with paintings, weapons, uniforms, anchors, maps and models from 1530 till 1798 showing a unique exhibition of Maritime history.

Inquisitor’s Palace

Inquisitor's Palace (19)
The palace used to belong to the Inquisitors of Malta. The palace used to have its own chapel, library, rooms, courtyard and dungeons. Today, it is a Museum of Enthography which displays Malta’s religious traditions and culture.

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