5 things to look out for in Mdina

The Silent City of Mdina

A timeless and classical view of the Malta’s Old Capital makes it all a romantic place where time stops and transports you back to the Medieval era.

Walk around Mdina

Mdina Gate Rene Rossignaud, viewingmalta.com
Mdina is a fine example of an ancient walled city with a mix of Norman and Baroque architecture with its winding streets, churches, majestic palaces and fortified walls all around. Mdina restricts the entry of cars as the streets are narrow and so Mdina ‘The Silent City’ is quiet with hidden treasures around every corner. On walking around the streets, one can notice the unique balconies and windows, the lamp posts and decorated road signs. One can also notice that on each main door there are door knockers, some more elaborate and some are simple. Do not miss the Bastion Square one can see the breathtaking country views from the bastions.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral viewingmalta.com
In Mdina, one cannot not mention St Paul’s Cathedral, where the floor is decorated with marble tombstones that display the coat of arms of the past bishops of Mdina and other significant members of the church. One can also visit the Cathedral’s Museum having a rich collection of historical artefacts such as archived Inquisition documents, a rare coin collection as well as a silver collection and many other artistic collections like engravings by Rembrandt, woodcuts and copper-plates by Albrecht Durer are not to miss.

Palazzo Falson

Palazzo Falson Mario Galea, viewingmalta.com
Palazzo Falson is a two-storey medieval palace consisting of several rooms around an internal courtyard. The palace was the former residence belonging to Captain Olof Frederick Gollcher, who was an artist and philantropist, a collector of objets d’art and historical items. Today, Palazzo Falson is now a restored museum with paintings, silver, furniture, jewellery, oriental rugs, armoury, a library with over 4,500 books and some highly valuable manuscripts.

The Medieval festivals

Flag Wavers - Sbandieratori Mario Galea viewingmalta.com - Copy
Mdina’s streets come alive with music, dancing, duels, archery, falconry, flag throwing and so many more activities, which are organised every year.

Mdina Grand Prix

classic grand prix
The Mdina Grand Prix gives a spectacular classic car racing show for classic car enthusiasts. Classical cars are also on display complementing the classical ambience of Mdina.

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