5 Southern European foods you must eat

Dine in Malta and experience Southern Europe

Mahi Mahi, Dolphin fish or as the locals call it Lampuki

pan fried lampuki
Locally caught fresh lampuki are some of the most sought after fish worldwide and one of the most expensive especially in the US; in Malta they are a staple food during their season. The fish is often referred as Dolphin fish because it can leap like a dolphin. Lampuki can be served in a variety of ways grilled or braised with tomatoes, olives and herbs, it can also be made into a fish pie.

Rabbit stewed, fried or with Spaghetti

A lot of Maltese restaurants serve rabbit stew, a slow cooked dish which can be served with pasta using tomato sauce. As a main dish they serve rabbit with vegetables. As a Maltese tradition, rabbit is usually eaten on the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul (L-Imnarja in Maltese) and since there was a demand, Maltese restaurants have integrated rabbit in their menus all year round.

Imqaret – Deep fried sweet date in pastry

Imqaret was originally introduced by the Arabs in Malta. It is a traditional sweet made with pastry filled with dates. It is very popular usually sold in the village feasts and in restaurants also served with ice cream.

Pastizzi – Various fillings delicious, savoury and flaky

Pastizzi - Cheese Cakes (1)
Cheesecakes or peacakes (Pastizzi in Maltese) are pastry parcels filled with ricotta or peas. They are very popular and well-known delicious Maltese food, one can find them diamond-shaped or round-shaped. You can find these pastizzi in a pastizzeria, a small shop selling these savoury small pastries. Pastizzi have become so popular that in Australia, the US and Canada, they are being produced among the Maltese Communities abroad.

Minestra – A thick vegetable soup featuring local produce

Minestra is a very thick vegetable soup served with bread and oil. The most popular and healthy dish combining fresh and dried vegetables served with goats cheese. Some maltese housewives get creative and add some baby marrows for a mild taste or courgettes as a base for a delicious thick soup.

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